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“A vivid, hard-hitting series that moves at a breathless pace. Cameron writes Florida crime alongside the best of them . . . with plots more tangled than a mangrove swamp.”  ~Sam Barker

“Florida is not just Cameron’s inspiration; it's his muse.”  ~Tristan Douglas

“Each book weaves seamlessly into another . . . the series snakes back and forth like a moray eel traversing a shipwreck.”  ~Shyanne Austin

“Five stars across the board—a crime/thriller series that will knock your socks off.”  ~Charles Benchley


Snowblind  (2021) 
Hurricane Hole  (2022)

Devilfish Key  (2023) 
Twisted Straits  (Dec. 3, 2024!)

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Midnight Pass HERE



August 2022. Dean Murdock is a minimum wage laborer at a marina in the small town of Englewood, Florida. He can only dream of owning a boat like the ones he works on, toiling on multimillion-dollar vessels under the blazing subtropical sun. Murdock is a nobody to his superiors, he’s an invisible and expendable boatyard grunt. His name has never made the invite list to the annual Labor Day meetup at Devilfish Key—a slow burn for years. One Friday night, after another long grueling workweek—on a total fluke gamble—he hits the big time, winning the Mega Millions jackpot to the tune of $333 million.


Murdock claims his prize under a cloak of anonymity and carries on at work as normal. Denied an invitation out to Devilfish Key once again, he plans to make a vaunting display at the island’s sandbar gathering aboard his brand-new yacht, Revenge. The day before the meetup, Murdock’s estranged son gets word of his windfall and comes out of the woodwork, angling for a handout. This starts a chain reaction of bad luck and trouble, a downward spiral leading to murder, mayhem, and a fiery confrontation out at Devilfish Key. Murdock learns the hard way that money has not brought him freedom and happiness but chaos and death . . .



August 2004. As Hurricane Charley looms in the Caribbean, felon Travis Gahl escapes Belle Glade prison, fleeing across the state to the secluded islands of Florida’s Gulf Coast. In the emerald waters off Sanibel Island, two couples vacation on their catamaran Sabre. With wanton tensions between the foursome already high, they bring Travis aboard, who presents as an attractive and charming rogue castaway. However, Travis’s seemingly amiable presence only increases the strain between the parties.

Distracted and led astray by their new arrival, the group learn too late they are directly in the path of a fast-approaching storm, and Travis is clearly not who he appears to be. As Charley makes landfall as a Category 4 hurricane a treasure hidden for almost 400 years is unearthed from beneath the sands of Cayo Costa. Arriving on the isolated barrier island after the storm, park ranger Teresa Randall finds herself in a desperate battle to survive, faced with a decision that will change her life—and the history books—forever . . .



October 1980. Richard MacCarter is a hard drinking, down on his luck Vietnam vet working as a chopper pilot in the Florida Keys. Lured by money and adventure, MacCarter finds himself sliding fast into the wild and treacherous drug smuggling underworld.


Inside a whirlwind freefall of risk and revenge—caught in a double cross pinned between the DEA and the powerful Medellín Cartel—a lethal game of cat and mouse ensues stretching from the sun-drenched Bahamas to the sleepy barrier islands of Florida’s Gulf Coast. An unexpected twist sends MacCarter north, seeking refuge in a snowy Canadian mining town where he meets a woman named Nicole . . . who inadvertently leads them into dark and deadly waters. A fatal turn of events has MacCarter headed for the coldest place on the planet, Antarctica . . . 

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