SNOWBLIND (Publishing late 2020!)

It’s October of 1980. R.J. MacReady is a hard drinking, down on his luck Vietnam vet working as an on-again, off-again sightseeing chopper pilot in the Florida Keys. When his arm is forced MacReady slides deep into the drug smuggling underworld. In a whirlwind freefall of extortion and revenge a lethal game of cat and mouse ensues. A deadly twist has MacReady finding himself heading for the coldest place on the planet… Antarctica. How does a man who hates the cold end up doing a winter-over for the National Science Institute in the Antarctic? It’s complicated. The twisted tale of how R.J. MacReady found himself at the bottom of the world is on the horizon….. SNOWBLIND.

HURRICANE HOLE (Coming 2022!) 

August 2004. Hurricane Charley looms in the Gulf of Mexico... An escaped felon flees across the Everglades... Two at odds couples summer vacation on their cabin cruiser off Florida's coast... A treasure hidden for over 200 years under the sands of Cayo Costa is unearthed... A park ranger finds herself in the fight of her life, and must make the prevailing decision of right and wrong, a choice that will change her life, and the history books, forever...

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