Born in Montreal, Canada in 1974 Todd Cameron was raised in small town rural Ontario. His early pursuits were athletic—skateboarding, bodybuilding, and swimming—before finally settling down and focusing on writing, a passion he has had since childhood. 

Todd has owned and operated a shark diving venture, and he is a certified ocean lifeguard, scuba diver, and swim coach. He competed successfully in open water swimming in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the Caribbean. He retired on a high note, placing first overall in his final three races. He now stays active with a mix of swimming, biking, yoga, and hiking Florida's boundless parks and trails. 


Todd was the first person to swim the 14.5 km channel between Whitsunday Island and Hamilton Island in Queensland, Australia. He also completed a 2300 km swim challenge to raise awareness for sharks, swimming the same distance as the Great Barrier Reef. It was during this immense feat that he conceived the idea for Shark Bites, custom designed energy bars to help fuel his training. 

Todd is a huge fan of the 1982 film The Thing and founded the fandom community Outpost #31. He located the remote filming location on the British Columbia/Alaska border in 2003 and has a feature commentary and documentaries on the recent Blu-ray releases. 


Todd's debut novel Snowblind, a Florida noir thriller, publishes June 22, 2021. He is already at work researching and outlining his second novel Hurricane Hole

Todd enjoys reading, movies, nature, fitness, travel, and being out on the water. He lives with his wife Valerie in Southwest Florida in the town of Englewood. 

Encountering a curious Blue shark off Rhode Island. 
And an Oceanic Whitetip off Cat Island, Bahamas.

Shark tattoos! 

2300 km Swim for the Sharks!