Todd Cameron's debut novel, a noir thriller that follows the exploits of troubled Vietnam vet Richard MacCarter during the early '80s. Available now on Amazon


June 22, 2021:


My debut novel Snowblind has published and is available now on Amazon. This was a far larger undertaking than I had expected upon starting out. Making it through to today however, the book has far surpassed my expectations, on every level. No one can do this alone; writing is not a solo effort. No less than a small team of people are thanked in the Acknowledgements. Without their help, this story would not have seen the light of day. For the reader—if you take this journey, I hope you enjoy the ride. I certainly did. Enough to want to do it again.


May 25, 2021: 


Cover reveal day! Snowblind publishes four weeks from today on June 22. It's been one hell of a crazy long ride to get here—a ton of work—but also a ton of fun. Unbelievably, now I'm just weeks away from beginning to write my second novel, Hurricane Hole . . . research and outline is complete. I recently had a chance to explore the barrier island of Cayo Costa here on the Gulf Coast of Florida, the main setting for Hurricane Hole, and it was fantastic to see one of the last remaining slices left of "the real Florida".


I've created new social media platforms for my writing projects—would love to have you follow along on this adventure!