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From Amazon bestselling author Todd Cameron (Snowblind—Noir Mysteries & Thrillers) comes a series of sharply woven tales, layered across a timeline spanning decades, with roots anchored deep in the underbelly of the Sunshine State. 


Cameron's third novel, Devilfish Key, is available now! 


Cameron's second novel, Hurricane Hole, is available now! 


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Making it from a blank page through to publication, I've learned that writing is indeed a solo effort, but publishing a book is not. Without the help of no less than a small team of people, these stories would not have seen the light of day. This has been equal parts both a ton of work and—thankfully—a ton of fun.


I'm just beginning to scratch the surface on intertwining books, plots, and characters that lie ahead. I'd love to have you come along on this venture by subscribing to my newsletter and following my social. Upon subscribing you'll also receive a complimentary copy of my novella Midnight Pass. If you read one of my books and enjoy it, please be sure to take a minute and leave a review. This is greatly appreciated and helps me out significantly. 

Thank you to my readers, without your support I wouldn’t be able to bring these stories to life. I value every single one of you as you allow me to continue to do what I love. I'll see you inside another story soon! 

~Todd Cameron

Note: Absolutely no part of my books—nor any part of the creative process—was generated with artificial intelligence (AI). These stories, plots, and characters come entirely from my own twisted imagination.

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