Water has always been my home. As a veteran competitive open water swimmer and swim coach I knew I was going to have a pool of my own one day. I spent many years envisioning it, planning, and dreaming . . . When my wife Valerie and I got married up on Long Island in 2021 we binge watched episodes of Lucas Lagoons' Insane Pools—a wild and world-renowned pool construction company less than an hour from our home in Florida. The beginnings of 'Shark Island Lagoon' was born. The Lagoon will be a lengthy build, but well worth the work, and the wait . . . 
























Freeform 50,000+ gallon saltwater lagoon pool with an 11-foot waterfall/cliff jumping rock into 10-foot deep end, swim-in rock grotto with hidden access to the sunken 'Shark Lounge', swim-up tiki bar, fire pit, and hot tub . . . all on private grounds inside a screened-in enclosure. Heated in the winter and chilled in the summer for a constant temp year round. 



~Planning and design consult/engineering lead time: 18 - 24 months.
~Construction, from breaking ground to turnkey completion: 8 - 10 months. 
~The water in the pool & hot tub will weigh 420,000 pounds!
~The Solar Screen blocks out 75% of UV rays. 
~The U.S. has the most backyard pools in the world, with 40% of them in California and Florida.
~Unbelievably, 54% of Americans do not know how to swim.



Creating a project like this would be heinous not to share. Reach out HERE to inquire about more info and VIP access to attend the "SHARK ISLAND LAGOON — TIKI POOL PARTY"! No-holds-barred! Watch for men in gray suits! Swim Fast!


The pool party is held twice a year:


MarchSpring Break Winter Escape!  
AugustTodd's Birthday Bash!  


~Where is the pool located?

In rural Southwest Florida, about 45 minutes south of Sarasota. 

~What is pool/hot tub temp? 
Pool: 82F (28C) 
Hot tub: 104F (40C)

~Are the rumors I have heard true? 
Likely. Remember, what happens at the Lagoon stays at the Lagoon . . .

~Are swimsuits optional? 
Yep. (Who doesn't love skinny dippin'?) 

~What is the password to get in?

If you guessed "Tintorera", you guessed right!


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